RIP Joel West

Bezerk Champion, Star of Chasing Ghosts, and a dear friend of mine passed away today.   I will miss his kindness and love for the gaming industry.  He was a huge help in the Walter Day Trading card project as well as helping sell merchandise for charity and other great causes.  Here is my interview with him from May of 2016. 

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Joel West, who is displayed on card number 11, from the Circus Card Collection of 2011.  Joel is also featured on cards 1236, 1911, 2103, 2189 and 2197.   Joel grew up in the early 1980’s when the arcade boom began.  He was one of the original members of the famous TIME Life Magazine photo shoot in Ottumwa, IA outside the original Twin Galaxies arcade.   The game he is most known for is Berzerk, where he holds a number of world records on both the Fast and Slow versions.  In 2016, Joel is looking to break the marathon record on Frenzy (the sequel to Berzerk) with 100 hours of nonstop play on single quarter.   You can see Joel in the documentary “Chasing Ghost: Beyond the Arcade” as well as in person at Walter Day events across the country. 

Do you learn anything from playing video games?

Oh so much! I learned how to spend money while standing in one spot for hours before internet shopping was invented. I learned there is no place too far to go to attend a competition. I learned all video gamers have superior hand-eye coordination and driving skills. I learned there is a cacophony of peoples from many different walks of life who love video games. While their paths may never cross in other areas of life; when they cross in an arcade, they easily make friends for life.  The most important thing I learned is my life would not have been as rich if I had never dropped that first quarter and became a part of the gaming community.


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Contribute to the Trading Card Project

The Walter Day Collection of trading cards has given away as free gifts approximately 250,000 trading cards. With 1,700 different trading cards now in print, the card sets have beome popular amongst collectors around the world. Though we give away a lot of stuff, we still have to find ways to raise funds for further printing and further mailing. Please contribute to this project by purchasing your favorite card sets shown below.

The costs of postage listed with each set reflect the rates that apply to USA postage. For packages going to Canada, Mexico, or oveseas, the rates are somewhat higher. To calculate what postage would cost for you, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will have our local post office weigh your package to determine the exact cost of your shipment. To place an order, send me an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and I will put your package together. Some of the card sets can be seen online and can be viewed by clicking on the links listed with certain sets below.

$8.50 Ladies of Gaming (39 different cards)  + $2.25 postage/handling

$7.25 Intellivision (21 different cards)  + $2.25 postage/handling
Gallery of Intellivision Trading Cards

$7.25 Classic Consoles (21 different cards)  + $2.25 postage/handling
Gallery of Classic Console Trading Cards

$8.00 Gaming Superstars Illustrated by Dan Tearle (36 different cards) + $2.25 postage/handling
Gallery of The Dan Tearle Collection

$12.50 Superstars of 2011 (80 different cards) + $2.25 postage/handling

$14.00 Pinball Expo Hall of Fame (over 50 cards) + $2.25 postage/handling
Gallery of the Pinball Expo Hall of Fame cards

$14.00 Superstars of 2016 (86 different cards) + $2.25 postage/handling

$8.00 Chicago Coin Vintage Pinball machines (35 different cards) + $2.25 postage/handling
Gallery of Chicago Coin Pinball Trading Cards

$19.50 - Set of three different autographed Billy Mitchell Cards and three different autographed Walter Day Cards + $2.25 postage/handling

other groupings can be offered, too, if interested.

However, if you buy many sets, they can all go in one 2-DAY priority package that costs only $6.65 to ship in the US.

Intellivision Collection

21 Legendary Intellivision Trading Cards

Go here to see all 21 cards

The set includes:

  1. #939 - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  2. #1015 - B-17 Bomber
  3. #1038 - Las vegas Poker & Black Jack
  4. #1055 - Night Stalker
  5. #1068 Sea Battle
  6. #1077 Shark
  7. #1088 Skiing
  8. #1110 Snafu
  9. #1144 Space Armada
  10. #1154 Star Strike
  11. #1164 Utopia
  12. #1404 Lock 'N' Chase
  13. #1406 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Treasure of Tarmin
  14. #1409 BurgerTime
  15. #1412 Astrosmash
  16. #1417 Auto Racing
  17. #1435 Major League Baseball
  18. #1439 Pitfall
  19. #1445 Thunder Castle
  20. #1447 Triple Action
  21. #1454 Tron Deadly Discs

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Classic Consoles Collection

21 Legendary Classic Home Consoles Trading Cards

Go here to see all 21 cards

The set includes:

1. #1074 Atari 2600
2. #1126 Intellivision
3. #1137 Colecovision
4. #1190 Sega Saturn
5. #1264 Atari 5200
6. #1274 Vectrex
7. #1278 3DO

8. #1291 Commodore 64
9. #1332 Turbo Grafx
10. #1344 Sega Genesis
11. #1355 NES

12. #1389 N64
13. #1399 Sega Dreamcast
14. #1403 SNES
15. #1408 Atari 7800
16. #1421 GameCube
17. #1426 Game Boy
18. #1434 Fairfield Channel F
19. #1449 Magnavox Odyssey
20. #1457 Neo Geo
21. #1463 Sega Master System


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Trading Cards featured on "Settle it on the Screen"

On February 13th, 2017 The Walter Day Trading cards were featured on the Twin Galaxies podcast "Settle it on the Screen.   This was a live Facebook feed that ran for 1 hour and I was a special guest on the show to discuss the Walter Day Trading Cards.  Please click the link to view the show.  Thanks to Micahel Sroka, Glen Updike and Mike Geney for hosting such a great show. 

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