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Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight - Betsy Wollheim

| Todd Friedman | Trading Card Spotlight
Our next Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight features Betsy Wollheim, who is displayed on card number 153, from the Science Fiction Collection.   Betsy is the President, co-publisher and co-Editor-in-Chief of science fiction and fantasy publisher DAW books. Working as an associate editor from 1975, she took over DAW in 1985 from her father, Donald A. Wollheim, and her mother Elsie B. Wollheim, who founded DAW in 1971. If you could describe Walter Day in one word, what would that...

Trading Card Spotlight - Pete “NukeAloiD” Corpeny

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Pete “NukeAloiD” Corpeny, who currently is displayed on ...

Trading Card Spotlight - Pablo “Paul Jagger” Lezama

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Pablo “Paul Jagger” Lezama who currently is displayed on...


The frontsides of approximately 1,550 Biographical trading cards have been designed so far. These...

Trading Card Spotlight - Brooke Mitchell-Wurr

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Brooke Mitchell-Wurr, who is displayed on card number 57...



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  • All 200 cards listed, including variants and unprinted cards
  • Historical Stories about Walter Day
  • Beautiful Imagery throughout the Book

This book is all about the first year of trading cards from The Walter Day Collection. Not only will the book focus on all of the cards released, but also has stories about Walter Day from those people involved. This is the ultimate tribute to everything Walter Day has accomplished with this series of cards.

To order your copy today,  please email Walter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Walter will personally get your book out to you as soon as he can.  The cost of the book will be $30.00 plus shipping and handling. 

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