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Trading Card Spotlight - James Carter

| Todd Friedman | Trading Card Spotlight
Our next Trading Card Spotlight features James Carter who currently is displayed on card number 3959, from the Superstars of 2021 Collection.  James is a world champion Dig-Dug Player. Dig-Dug has been a part of James life since he was 11 years old. On May 20th,2021, James broke the world record on the MAME version of Dig-Dug with a score of 4,108,420 points. It was a record that stood for over 16 years. His next goal is to break the arcade record as well. James credits a lot of his succ...

Trading Card Spotlight - Joe Dearman

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Joe Dearman who is displayed on card number 3954, from t...

Trading Card Spotlight - Tony Hawk

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Tony Hawk who currently is displayed on card number 3522...

Trading Card Spotlight - Owen Rubin

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Owen Rubin, who currently is displayed on card number 31...

Video Game Summit 2021

The Video Game Summit is back on in 2021! We are excited to announce that the VGS in Villa Park, ...



Coming this fall in 2021
  • 100+ Full Color Pages
  • All 200 cards listed, including variants (Cards 201-400)
  • Historical Stories about the card holders
  • Beautiful imagery throughout the book

This book is all about the second set of trading cards from The Walter Day Collection 2012. Not only will the book focus on all of the cards released, but also has stories about Walter Day from those people involved. This is the ultimate tribute to everything Walter Day has accomplished with this series of cards.

For More information,  please email Todd Friedman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The book is scheuled to be released to public in late August/ early September. The cost of the book will be around $30.00 plus shipping and handling.

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