The Dan Tearle Collection

Dan Tearle is a world renown sports artist who has already won an international following for his hand-drawn illustrations of Joe Montana and other stars of the NFL. As a devoted video game enthusiast, he has volunteered his services again and again to the Walter Day Collection of Video Game & Pinball Trading Cards, creating memorable portraitures of individuals who have earned their place in the electronic gaming history books. To learn more about Dan's work, go to:

Dan's trading card resume has now grown extensively with 37 different cards already in production and numerous iof them honored with DAN TEARLE AWARDS. The list of awards and trading cards includes the following (click on listings to go to the awards or cards):

AWARDS: #775 Walter Day, #1422 Billy Mitchell, #1664 Larry DeMar, #1709 Roger Sharpe, #1844 Mick Simmonds, #1861 Frank Ballouz, #1869 Todd Rogers, #2022 Victor Herbert Lavay, #2050 Eddie Adlum, #2066 Carol & Ralph Lally#2147 Mike Wright, #2182 Cheh Low, #2209 Jon Stoodley#2336 Mike Begum. 

CARDS:  #775 Walter Day, #821 Nolan Bushnell, #829 Mark Hoff, #925 100-Million Robotron Score, #1153 Centipede Commemoration, #1306 Bill Teeple, #1326 Defender Commemoration, #1352 Pac-Man Commemoration,  #1422 Billy Mitchell, #1482 Star Wars Cockpit, #1490 Keith Robinson, #1493 Eric Tessler, #1625 Jonathan Joosten, #1664 Larry DeMar, #1674 Gary Stern, #1681 Eugene Jarvis, #1691 Steve Ritchie, #1696 Mike Pacak, #1702 Robert Berk, #1709 Roger Sharpe, #1714 Jim Schelberg, #1721 Martin Ayub, #1754 Allen Staal, #1766 Josh Jones, #1844 Mick Simmonds, #1861 Frank Ballouz#1869 Todd Rogers, #2022 Victor Herbert Lavay, #2050 Eddie Adlum, #2066 Carol & Ralph Lally, #2147 Mike Wright, #2182 Cheh Low, #2197 Joel West, #2209 Jon Stoodley, #2253 Rachel Lara, #2254 Derek Sorrells, #2264 Kleisath & Boyer, #2336 Mike Begum.


Founding Fathers to be Honored on Trading Cards in Forthcoming "Superstars of 2016"

The men who created the first computer programs that supported the birth of the video game industry are rarely honored. Here is a set of cards that brings to light the contributions made by many forgotten men and women. Featuring artwork by Sean (Taggsta) Tagg, of Melbourne, Australia—and sponored by the legendary Eric Tessler, this set will be launched as part of the Superstars of 2016 card set.

Allen Staal

When you are in a tournament, it is important to stay comfortable and wear loose fitting clothes. That is what I thought until I met Allen Staal. When he plays in the Kong Off, he is one sharp dressed man.

You have to marvel at Allen's dedication to classic arcade gaming when you realize he travels from Australia to compete. It just goes to show that there is something more to arcades than simply playing games. It is the camaraderie, the sense of belonging, the nostalgia for a simpler time when we all had more hair.

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ACAM Poster

ACAM holds an annual tournament at Funspot in New Hampshire. Of course you knew that!

I have participated in 4 of the last 5 tournaments. They are by far the funnest gaming events I have been to. Around 100 players compete for the highest score on 20+ games. The tournament runs from Thursday at noon to Sunday at 5. Plenty of time to get used to the games, get good at the games, watch others play and of course hang out with your buds.

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Why Roadtrips Matter

In the middle of the coldest February on record, I decided to load up the van and take my wife and kids on a short road-trip to the grand re-opening of Richie Knucklez arcade in Flemington, New Jersey.

Because this was a last minute decision, we only planned on being away one night. That meant we would drive 16 hours total to get about 5 hours of arcade time. My kids were pumped, I was pumped, my wife was wondering what craziness I was going to get us all into.

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