Houston Arcade Expo - Awards Ceremony

The Houston Arcade Expo—scheduled for the weekend of November 13-14, 2015—will be hosting a Trading Card Awards Ceremony that features cards for Mike Begum, Keni & Josh Jones, Shawne Vinson, William Higinbotham, Mike Wright, plus cards that commemorate the event itself. The cards were sponsored by Eric Tessler, of La Habra, California. The cards for Begum and Wright include hand-drawn illustrations from the pen of Dan Tearle, of Lichfield, U.K. Mr. Tearle is a noted sports artist whose work is well-known around the world. For more information on the Houston Arcade Expo, go to: www.arcadecenter.com. To learn more about our tradition of Awards Ceremonies, go to A Chronological History of the Trading Card Awards Ceremonies

16th Tournament Funspot

I am a gamer and a photographer. I always bring my camera to tournaments. Here is a cover I did of me and Miss Weirs Beach. She was a lovely girl, handed out the trophies, played some games. In other words, it was a real treat to meet her.

Although I played my heart out at the tournament, I came in 47th place. The other folk there are just so much better than me. But we all have strengths and weaknesses. I might not be able to rescue the humans as they free fall to the surface in Stargate, but I sure can capture people's emotions, doing what they do best.

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Arcade Expo 2015

What a crazy trip. We traveled from Ottawa to Syracuse to Newark to San Francisco to Los Angeles to Palm Springs to Banning. Only took 22 hours. Long trip, longer story. Part of the trip involved the world's fastest taxi between LA and Palm Springs, weaving in and out of traffic.

PalmSpringsAirport 01

Day One
We headed to Malibu and stopped in Pasadena for lunch. I received an email from Joel West saying that he, Mark Hoff, Billy Mitchell had just arrived in L.A. and were heading to Twin Galaxies. I was invited to drop in, but I knew there was a big event happening, and I did not want to intrude.

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The Kong Off 3

I traveled to Denver Colorado to photograph the KongOff3. Trip of a lifetime!

I went as an official photographer, but I brought my wife Stephanie with me. She had just watched the King of Kong 4 days before, and was very upset with Walter Day and Billy Mitchell. I explained to her that it was a cleverly edited movie, and did not exactly represent reality. She posted on facebook her feelings and Walter actually responded with a personal invitation to come meet him and Billy and see that the movie is wrong about them.

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