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August 18th, 2022

International Video Game Hall of Fame Announces the 2022 Class of Inductees!

Ottumwa, IA— August 18th, 2022 Put down that controller, close your gaming app and give that keyboard a little rest, it’s finally time to pull back the curtain and announce the Class of 2022 Inductees into the International Video Game Hall of Fame! (IVGHOF)

“I am so pleased to be able to finally announce those honored with induction into the International Video Game Hall of Fame this year!  This is one of the most exciting times of the year when we get to share with the world, those individuals, organizations and games themselves, that helped to shape the history of this amazing, world-wide phenomenon!” said Jerry Byrum, President of the IVGHOF.

Rigorous Vetting and Selection Process!

Each year we receive countless input from the general public as well as past inductees and industry professionals themselves, to help shape the selections with our internal committees to develop and honor each new class year.  This year’s process went through many stages of narrowing to arrive at those we feel deserve the honor of induction as well as demonstrate important contributions to our ever-growing industry.  From recognizing early pioneers in competitive gaming, to the industry professionals behind the scenes and driving innovative productions, to the games themselves that helped pioneer new paths and show others what’s possible in a constant quest to keep driving our industry to new heights.   It’s also about recognizing those focused-on community and giving back in ways that demonstrate the importance of gaming in our everyday lives.  This is the work we do and are proud to bring a spotlight each year on those people and productions that shape the future of where we’re going.

Celebrating Over a Decade of Personal Achievements and Innovative Milestones!

“This is the 12th year of recognition and outreach, and each year becomes more and more exciting with greater input from the gaming world as well as celebrating the individuals and products that keep our industry thriving as the world’s most popular form of entertainment!”  continued Mr. Byrum. “The history and stories we are able to highlight helps to make sure we acknowledge and preserve our roots and those people and events that made our industry great!!”

Previous years’ inductees have included industry luminaries such as Will Wright, Gabe Newell and Regie Fils Aime, as well as industry driving products such as Tetris, Half Life 2 and Street Fighter 2.  The Hall of Fame has also recognized competitive gaming pioneers from the golden age of 1970’s and 1980’s all the way to present day eSports legends.


For background, stories and detailed descriptions on each of the above Inductees, please visit the IVGHOF Official Website:

The International Video Game Hall of Fame (IVGHOF) is driven by a passionate set of industry leaders and volunteers alike that helps to guide and direct the IVGHOF’s commitment to maintain the standards, ethics and exacting criteria that the general public has come to expect from its ongoing mission.  It’s continued success also comes from wide public input and support, trying to maintain the bar of excellence for such a wide-ranging and unique industry, loved world-wide.

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