2710 Billy Joe Cain


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    2710 Billy Joe Cain
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    Billy Joe
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  • Tags: Classic Game Fest 2017 Superstars of 2017
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    To honor Billy Joe Cain for his important contributions to the gaming culture, this trading card and award were presented at the Classic Game Fest Trading Card Awards Ceremonies, July 29, 2017, in Austin, Texas.


    Billy Joe Cain has had a love affair with Defender since 1981. Having won the First Annual Texas Video Game Championship's State Defender title in 1982 and receiving a new-in-box Stargate, and 31 years later setting the highest-verified marathon score on Defender in 2013 (33,644,725 after 32 hours), he says it's time to put the machines where they can be loved. He is donating his historic twin machines to the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX to raise awareness of human trafficking. "Thanks to Defender, I racked up 25 years of game industry experience. Now I want to use gaming technology to solve social problems," says Cain. "My non-profit is tackling human trafficking awareness first through a Virtual Reality game that we are demoing live at Classic Game Fest. Defender inspired me to make video games. I hope this donation and any attention it receives can inspire people to make a difference."

2710 Billy Joe Cain 2710 Billy Joe Cain
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