2709 Gimmick Video Game Rock Band


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    2709 Gimmick Video Game Rock Band
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    Gimmick Video Game
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    Rock Band
  • Tags: Classic Game Fest 2017 Musician Superstars of 2017
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    To honor the members of Gimmick for their important contributions to the gaming culture, this trading card and award were presented at the Classic Game Fest Trading Card Awards Ceremonies, July 29, 2017, in Austin, Texas.

    Gimmick! Video Game Rock Band is a video game cover band from Austin, Texas. Formed in late 2012, Gimmick! brings the fun and energy of video game music to the stage, with an emphasis on obscure material and precise recreations. Their name is taken from the Japanese Famicom game Gimmick, which the band frequently covers. While the games covered vary wildly, a few consistent “hits” include a passionate, sometimes overly-dramatic tribute to Rygar (NES), a medley of Super Mario Land (Gameboy) that includes every single piece of music from the game, and their biggest crowd-pleaser, a stomping, dance-along cover of “that one song from Bubble Bobble” (NES, Arcade), which has involved tempo changes, genre changes, spontaneous dance parties, and, yes, even video game concert mosh-pits. As of 2017, Gimmick! has seen its one and only lineup change: the departure of Mike Villalobos on bass, and the addition of Jay Henriques on guitar, with co-founder Chris Taylor moving from guitar to bass. The current lineup includes Chris Taylor on bass, Justin Olejnik on drums, with Kenny Reichelderfer and Jay Henriques on guitar. Gimmick! is perpetually working on its first album, due any day now!

2709 Gimmick Video Game Rock Band 2709 Gimmick Video Game Rock Band
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