2711 Photojournalism of William McEvoy


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    2711 Photojournalism of William McEvoy
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    Photojournalism of
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    William McEvoy
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    Time and time again, William McEvoy, of Ottawa, ON, Canada, has used his photographic skills to capture the spirit and history of the classic video game culture. A legend in the classic arcade world, McEvoy has often donated his time and talent free of charge as a gift to the gaming community. Shown on the front of this card is a sample photo from one of McEvoy’s video game adventures: a group photo taken at the Twin Galaxies Entertainment Festival, held at John Weeks’ amazing Museum of Pinball, in Banning, California, during the weekend of October 2-4, 2015. From left to right, we see Twin Galaxies founder Walter Day, noted gamers Rene Salinas and Eric Tessler, and Johnny de Alba, a popular cartoonist and satirist from Vallejo, California, whose illustrations are famous for capturing the drama and glory of today’s gaming culture. An internet sensation, de Alba shares his artistic talent online under the pseudonym Hector Telloc, which is an anagram standing for ”the collector.” William McEvoy, a data architect in Canada’s IT landscape, believes that the culture and community of the classic arcade world is an important part of the “popular arts” of our times and deserves to be documented and preserved.

2711 Photojournalism of William McEvoy 2711 Photojournalism of William McEvoy
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