Trading Card Spotlight - Jerry Momoda

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Jerry Momoda, who is displayed on card number 2330, from the Superstars of 2015 Collection.  Jerry was the Nintendo of America’s original market research analyst and game master back in the early 1980’s.   Throughout his career, Jerry has also worked for other game companies, including Atari, Sega and Namco.     Some of Jerry’s favorite projects he worked on were Punch-out, Mario Bros. and Tekken.   Jerry was one of the pioneers to help create the Tekken franchise which after twenty years remains a cornerstone of Namco's lineup.   It is the largest selling fighting game franchise in history. He is passionate how many arcade video game design principles should be considered in today's mobile games.  In his blog he writes for both game fans and game developers.

What are your opinions about today’s generation of video games?  How do you compare them to older, classic games?

Today’s video games are massive in size compared to classic games. I miss the elegant simplicity of classic games. Games today take so long to complete, or have no ending, that the average person plays fewer games annually. This runs counterproductive to what’s needed for the overall health of the industry.

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Trading Card Spotlight - Jeffrey Wittenhagen

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Jeffrey Wittenhagen, who is displayed on card number 781, from the Superstars of 2014 Collection.  Jeffrey can also be seen on card numbers 1285 and 2288.  Jeffrey is a published author of many gaming books such as Hidden Treasures: Rare & Unappreciated Gems and a NES collector’s guide called “The Complete NES”.  He is currently working on a project to deliver the Super Nintendo Collector’s guide as well as publishing his own NES game called "Jeffrey Wittenhagen's Black Box Challenge". It is a Homebrew NES RPG, developed by Sly Dog Studios, where you collect video games, namely the first release black box NES games.

What is your favorite portable gaming device and why?

I like the Game Boy Advance SP the most. It is essentially a portable SNES, with both 16-bit ports as well as new stylized games, which is one of my favorite eras of gaming. It was also one of the first backlit systems that also were rechargeable. With all the previous systems, the battery drain was insane and the main reason why they aren’t my favorite.

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Trading Card Spotlight - Bobby Wilson

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Bobby (Q43) Wilson, who conveniently displayed on card number 43, from the Superstars of 2011 Collection.  Bobby is also on other “43” trading cards such as 1043, 1143, 1243, 1343, 1943.   Bobby can also be seen on card number 1610.   Bobby has held many world records on the Sega Genesis as well as MAME related games.  Bobby’s biggest video game accomplishment is his perfect game on Rock ‘N Roll Racing, a rare Super Nintendo cartridge where Bobby won all 144 races and scored 57,600 points.    

Are video games aimed mainly at children, adolescents or adults?

I’m sure the programmers/ creators want everyone from 3 - 143 playing their games. Never a good idea to limit your customer base. I do however see games created specifically for a target audience. I find the best games appeal to all age groups.

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Trading Card Spotlight - Nolan Bushnell

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Nolan Bushnell, who is displayed on card number 165, from the Superstars of 2011 Collection.  Nolan can also be seen on card number 821 and 1333.  Nolan is the founder of Atari and Check E’ Cheese as well as over 20 other companies in his career.  Nolan is a pioneer in the industry and has been influential to millions of people across the globe.   He was named one of Newsweek’s “50 Men Who Changed America”.   To this day Nolan is still working on new designs for the industry.  On August 9th, 2010 Nolan Bushnell was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa, IA.  You can see Nolan in dozens, if not more, documentaries about gaming or video game related material.   Some of those include Atari: Game Over and Video Games - The Movie.

Do you remember when you created your first video game or arcade and what do you remember about the experience?

My first electronic game development was modifying electromechanical games so they could operate in an amusement park setting where players could win tickets.  The other game I designed strictly in software on a large mainframe that had a video display was the game of Fox and Geese.  It was sometime in the winter of 1967 at the University of Utah.

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Review - RetroDuo Portable System

This is the review of the RDP RetroDuo Portable V.2.0 handheld system.   This is a fairly new item that has been on the market less than a year.    I have purchased this item with the excitement of playing the original classic Nintendo and Super Nintendo games on a portable handheld device.  

There are many recycled versions of classic Nintendo and Sega games on Gameboy, Wii U Shop, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and MAME, but to me there is nothing like playing the original cartridge that was played back in the 1980s and 1990s.  I do own the systems and controllers from back in the day but most of the time they are stored away or unplugged.   With this new portable device it’s easy to turn on the classics and play them anywhere.  There is no TV required.  When I first saw this item online, I immediately got excited and had a vision of myself playing The Legend of Zelda in my backyard on the deck or in the bedroom at night with headphones so no one was disturbed.    

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