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    During the recent Ottumwa Trading Card Ceremonies, David Bishop was among an elite group of video game legends who were honored on trading cards for their important contributions to the global gaming culture. Presented by Billy MItchell and Walter Day, the trading card was unveiled -- along with an AWARD CERTIFICATE shown herein -- on Saturday, November 11, 2017, during the Ottumwa Old School Arcade Galaxies of Gaming Festival, at the Quincy Place Mall, in Ottumwa, Iowa. To see the other trading cards unveiled during this ceremony -- or to see the long chronological history of the TRADING CARDS AWARDS TRADITION, go to this link: Chronological History of the Trading Card Awards Ceremonies


    David Bishop is a long-time Entertainment & Games Executive who distinguished himself by playing a key role in establishing and maintaining sustainable operations for the NAMCO USA brand since its inception in America. David first made his mark growing & managing America’s largest arcade chain (including famous brands like Aladdin’s Castle, Time-Out, Space Port, Barrel of Fun, CyberStation, Pocket Change, and many others) for over 2 decades, and he was the creative visionary behind NAMCO’s bold venture in Chicago, launching the ever-popular Level257 amusement attraction. David is a staunch believer in promoting and preserving our arcade legacy. He was instrumental in marketing the iconic game brand Pac-Man for NAMCO USA and served as a key evangelist for gaming culture globally. With his ability to anticipate and adapt to industry trends -- and constantly identify opportunities to diversify product portfolio to ensure competitive edge -- he was able to make Level257 an international destination for tourists as well as local families. While attending college at the University of Alabama, David worked for six years (1981-1987) as a part-time employee of the Barrel of Fun arcade chain (he started at store #14, in Tuscaloosa, AL). This was the beginning of a lifelong career in coin-op that took him to Atari Games for three years (1987-1990), and then on to NAMCO USA, where he worked for more than 27 years (1990 - 2017). Still in coin-op today, he now works at Sally Corporation, in Jacksonville, FL. David Bishop was awarded the 2016 IVGHOF Walter Day Lifetime Achievement Award and now serves on the Board of Directors of the International Video Game Hall of Fame, based in Ottumwa, Iowa.

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