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    0803 Ed Krynski
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    Issued at the 2014 Pinball Expo in Chicago, IL, on October 18, 2014.

    Ed Krynski was inducted into the Pinball Expo Hall of Fame on October 3, 2003. Many pinball historians consider him one of the greatest pinball designers in the history of the industry, designing over 200 games. His history dates back to designing pinball, gun and arcade games for Keeney during the 1960-1963 period. Ed always knew how to create a game that challenged the player and make them come back for more. His captivating designs made Gottlieb a world leader who dominated the industry from the day he took over from Wayne Neyens until his retirement in the late 70s. He introduced many innovations to the world of pinball design, including the vari-target (first seen on Airport in 1969), the lane ways to the flipper (first employed on Bank-a-Ball in 1965), the carousel target (first used on Dancing Lady in 1966) and the multiple drop target (first seen on 2001 in 1971). As remembered by personal friend, Michael Shalhoub, "Sadly Ed is not with us today, personally, I am flooded with memories of his games and of the man that I have grown to love. I will miss having pepperoni pizza with him. Ed Krynski has designed more games than anyone, some he has yet to be credited for. He will be with me for the rest of my life, in the many games I have that he has designed, every-time I see one I start to cherish the many memories I have of him." On the eve of Ed’s retirement in 1984, he produced one last game for us to remember him by - a sort of farewell gift that was released in September, 1984: El Dorado - City of Gold.

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