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    0708 Steve Kirk
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    Issued at the 2014 Pinball Expo in Chicago, IL, on October 18, 2014.

    Steve was inducted into the Pinball Expo Hall of Fame on October 20, 2012. Steve worked on the 1978 Stern release called Stars and then found success with every major pinball company up through the 1991 release of Surf N’ Safari by Gottlieb. It is believed that Steve felt the highlight of his career was the design work he did on the 1998 Williams title Swords of Fury, plus an earlier game called Gamatron, which was released by Pinstar in 1985. But other games made an impression on his peers, too. In the words of fellow design legend, Mark Ritchie, “Steve Kirk designed two of the most successful, fun and challenging games ever made -- both Stern Games: Meteor and Nine Ball. These were great playing games and probably the most notable of all Steve Kirk-designed games.”

0708 Steve Kirk 0708 Steve Kirk
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