Trading Card Spotlight - Todd Rogers

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Todd Rogers, who is displayed on card number 100, from the Superstars of 2011.  Also Todd can be found on card numbers 356, 397, 521, 551, 660, 1763, 1869, 2049, 2135 and 2516.  The Video Games first “Pro Gamer”, Todd has represented over 40 major software companies in his career.    Todd was inducted into the International Video Game Hall of Fame in 2010.    You can see Todd in various documentaries such as Chasing Ghosts, The King of Arcades and The King of Kong.  Todd holds over 300 world records on such games as Gorf, Dragster and Journey Escape. 

Do you remember your first video game / arcade you played and what do you remember about it?

The first memory that I have of a video game would have to be Pong (1972), and one of the first arcade game that I played would be Datsun 280 Zzzap (1976) what I remember about Pong was the idea of a game being played on your home TV and what an amazing experience that was as far as Datsun 280 Zzzap was the whole competitive side of that game as there were lines of people waiting to play to see who was the best.

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Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight - David Brin

Our next Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight features David Brin, who is displayed on card number 42, from the Science Fiction Collection.   David is a bestselling author as well as an inventor and scientist.  He was won multiple Hugo and Nebula awards. One of his books, “The Postman” became a film starring and directed by Kevin Costner.  Other Brin books dive into such topics as World War II, Human Cloning, and altered dolphins flying spaceships.  David appears often on shows like Life After People and Through the Wormhole.  He offers his knowledge and guidance as well in workshops and advice columns.  You can get more information about David and his work on his website.
What authors do you admire today?

Nonfiction authors like Stephen Pinker and Rebecca Solnit show us that humanity may be a bit better and more hopeful than the cynics would have us believe.  Novelists like Vernor Vinge, Nancy Kress; suggest that the future may be simultaneously weird, yet offering windows to human understanding.

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ICON 2016

Special Thanks to everyone on such a great event.




ICON 2016: Homecoming is less than a month away!

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Ottumwa, Iowa -- long famous as the "Video Game Capital of the World" -- flexes its video game muscles
during the weekend of August 5 - 7, 2016, when it plays host to a Video Game Festival, an Iowa Film Premiere
of Man VS Snake, the induction of the Class of 2015 for the International Video Game Hall of Fame (IVGHOF),
and the inauguration of a Video Game "Walk of Fame". 


ICON 2016: Itinerary FUN for everyone beginning Friday, August 5th through Sunday, August 7th.


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Explore Ottumwa Ottumwa... the name means place of perseverance and land of rippling waters.
Ottumwa embodies the westward expansion of the United States, plentiful game, good fishing,
and the river's rippling waters. Ottumwa is once again growing and thriving. New businesses continue to
open and expand, preserving Ottumwa's place as regional economic center. Now more than ever, there are
more reasons than ever to come to Ottumwa, stay in Ottumwa, and take pride in Ottumwa.



Trading Card Spotlight - David Klingler

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features David Klingler, who is displayed on card number 416, from the Superstars of 2013.  David created an independent software company called Solanimus which has created games such as Signal to Noise and Crashland.  You can view his website at  His favorite game of all time is Earthworm Jim Special Edition.  David also is an avid game player and has multiple world records on Mario Kart DS. 

Who is your favorite video game character and what makes that character special?

My favorite video game character is Cool-B. He is the player character from the first game I ever made, Cool-B in Search of Floyd. Cool-B and Floyd were cats I had in real life when I was younger, so that's very special to me.

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Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight - Jack McDevitt

Happy 4th of July Weekend.

Our first Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight features Jack McDevitt, who is displayed on card number 64, from the Science Fiction Collection.  Jack is the author of 22 novels, 12 of which have been Nebula finalists.  His fiction has won him the Heinlein Lifetime Achievement award.  Other careers Jack has had include English teacher, naval officer, and customs officer.   Jack is best known for his Alex & Chase mysteries, and for the Priscilla Hutchins novels. 
How early in your life did you know you would be a writer?

I knew I wanted to write when I was about seven. (Started The Canals of Mars.) But I was in my mid-forties before I realized it was going to happen. It came out of left field.

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