3588a - Corvette - Michael T. Dunlap - ERROR CARD


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    3588a - Corvette - Michael T Dunlap - ERROR CARD
  • First Name:
    Michael T
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  • Tags: Our Pinball Legacy Superstars of 2021
  • Other Notes:

    This Card was printed with the wrong city on the front of the card. 300 were printed and around 20 were hand out before the error was found.

    A subset of the Superstars of 2021, Our Pinball Legacy series of trading cards celebrates the 90th anniversary of the birth of coin-operated pinball (1931-2021). To honor this tremendous legacy, we invited more than 400 pinball aficianados to pose with their favorite pinball game for a trading card. And, on the back of the card, they wrote a 150-200 word biography, telling the story of their love for pinball while including in the text historical facts about the machine.

    Taking six full months to create, this card series is a personal gift for the pinball community from Walter Day and he will not accept any money for doing this. Individuals interested in obtaining copies of their card can order through Roeland Hekker, c/o Frontline Printing, Fairfield, Iowa Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3588a - Corvette - Michael T. Dunlap - ERROR CARD 3588a - Corvette - Michael T. Dunlap - ERROR CARD
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