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    2777 Leo Daniels
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    During the recent Ottumwa Trading Card Ceremonies, Leo Daniels was among an elite group of video game luminaries who were honored on trading cards for their historic participation in the 1982 LIFE Magazine photoshoot. Returning to Ottumwa for the 35th-year reunion of the photo, they were honored with trading cards that were presented by Billy Mitchell and Walter Day along with the AWARD CERTIFICATE shown herein. They were presented on Saturday, November 11, 2017, during the Ottumwa Old School Arcade Galaxies of Gaming Festival, at the Quincy Place Mall, in Ottumwa, Iowa. To see the other trading cards unveiled during this ceremony -- or to see the long chronological history of the TRADING CARDS AWARDS TRADITION, go to this link: Chronological History of the Trading Card Awards Ceremonies


    Leo Daniels was one of the first gamers to gain international fame for his gaming accomplishments. Recognized by Atari for many of his high scores -- especially on Asteroids, Leo garnered headlines around the globe and become a gaming legend. And, in the summer of 1982, he captained the North Carolina Team as it played against the California State Team in a state-vs-state high-score shootout. Today, he still lives in the Wilmington, NC area and operates a Pachinko parlor called Pachinko World. But, of all Leo’s accomplishments, he will forever be most remembered for his appearance in the legendary LIFE magazine photo of November 7, 1982 that honored the stars of that era.

2777 Leo Daniels 2777 Leo Daniels
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