2756 Antoine Wes Lewis-Hall


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    2756 Antoine Wes Lewis-Hall
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    Antoine Wes
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    During the recent Ottumwa Trading Card Ceremonies, Antoine Wes Lewis-Hall was among an elite group of video game luminaries from Empire Arcadia who were honored on trading cards for their important contributions to the global gaming culture. Their trading cards were presented by Billy MItchell and Walter Day -- along with the AWARD CERTIFICATE shown below -- on Saturday, November 11, 2017, during the Ottumwa Old School Arcade Galaxies of Gaming Festival, at the Quincy Place Mall, in Ottumwa, Iowa. To see the other trading cards unveiled during this ceremony -- or to see the long chronological history of the TRADING CARDS AWARDS TRADITION, go to this link: Chronological History of the Trading Card Awards Ceremonies

    As a kid, Wes was always considered the "Game Freak," or "Nerd" by both his family and by the group of friends he grew up with during his adolescent years. Gaming for him was an alternative to playing traditional sports. Wes used to play basketball and dreamed of playing for the NBA someday, but, instead, he decided to pick up the joysticks. He always wanted to be part of something new and unique and Wes wanted be a pioneer of something big. In 2002, Wes formed a Super Smash Bros. group called Deadly Alliance. The group originally included only 2 of his friends but eventually expanded over the years. Wes wanted to create a gaming brotherhood of the best players -- players who had unequaled skill on each of the characters found in various versions of the games they played. In this way, as a team, they could maximize their training and remain unbeatable. The group was formed to show the community that working together could create a deadly alliance that other teams could not match. This brotherhood would prove to be the most dominant Smash Brothers group (based on wins) ever formed in the SB community. In 2005, Wes and his group Deadly Alliance, joined forces with the Guinness World Records-awarded eSports team, Empire Arcadia, and asked them to exclusively represent them, thus creating a Super Smash Bros. division to compete in all future Smash Bros. tournaments. Wes’ vision as a professional gamer has matured since 2005 and he works diligently to help younger players improve their skills, as well as guide them through the complex eSports culture. Plus, of most importance, Wes gives back to those that are in need through both Deadly Alliance and his charity organization, SOS Gamers. • Trading Card artwork by Caerwyn Akiwumi-Jones

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