2734 The Mexican Runner


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    2734 The Mexican Runner
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    The Mexican
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  • Tags: Mexican Speedrunner Superstars of 2017
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    The Mexican Runner, a.k.a. TMR, is a regular streamer on Twitch. In May of 2014, TMR began NESMania. NESMania was an ambitious project that consisted of beating all of the Nintendo Entertainment System licensed games (America and Europe releases) while streaming live on the Internet. This feat consisted of beating 714 NES games. The idea for the NESMania project was hatched after TMR grew tired of speedrunning and was in search of a new challenge. When expressing the desire to find a new passion for his stream, a fellow speedrunner sarcastically presented the idea for TMR to beat all of the games. Keen to take on this project, TMR began with Whomp 'Em live on his Twitch stream: www.twitch.tv/ themexicanrunner on May 18th, 2014. As he began NESMania, TMR was surprised by how vast and rich the NES library is. "I got to play many kinds of games that I've never seen before in my life," marveled TMR! TMR completed NESMania in February of 2017 with Super Mario Brothers 3. The project took a total of 3,435 hours,12 minutes, and 24 seconds to complete. TMR’s successful completion of NESMania has inspired many gamers around the world to begin similar completion projects of their own on Twitch, introducing people to many retro game catalogs that would have otherwise remained unknown to the gaming public. The production of this trading card was made possible by TMR's fellow 2015 Nintendo World Championship finalists.

2734 The Mexican Runner 2734 The Mexican Runner
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