2660 David Trotter


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    2660 David Trotter
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    This trading card and award were presented at ARCADE EXPO 2.0 during the Official Walter Day Trading Card Museum Awards Ceremonies, March 18, 2017, at John Week's legendary Museum of PInball, in Banning, California. The 2017 Class of Museum Inductees included Sega's David Rosen, U.S. President George Washington, Alexander Graham Bell, sci-fi author Ray Bradbury, and computer pioneer Alan Turing. 

    Jack, a technology-obsessed, real estate investor, unexpectedly inherits his uncle’s property along with a warehouse full of classic arcade games in Banning, California. Intent on quickly liquidating the property, Jack meets Jill, a cute convenience store worker who opens Jack’s eyes to the wonders of pinball and beyond in an attempt to save his uncle’s collection. Launch the Ball is a feature film written by David Trotter that explores the marvelous world of classic arcade gaming with principle photography filmed at John Weeks’ amazing Museum of Pinball, in Banning, California. 

    DAVID TROTTER • David Trotter, a native of Bowling Green, Kentucky, now living in Newport Beach, California, has enjoyed a rich career as a documentary film maker, most notably working as the Executive Producer on In Plain Sight (documentary), as Executive producer for Set Free Posse (documentary), and Executive producer on Mother India (documentary. Drawing on his past experiences with these three documentaries, David set his sights on writing and producing a feature film called Launch the Ball, which explores the world of classic arcade gaming. David studied at Vanguard University and Fuller Theological Seminary and was a graduate of Bowling Green High School. He has been married to Laura Hatcher Trotter since 14 May 1994. His devotion to the legacy of classic video games and pinball inspired him to take on the role of “project leader” in 2015 when John Weeks’ Museum of Pinball organized a Guinness attempt to tabulate the “most” people playing pinball in one place at the same time.

2660 David Trotter 2660 David Trotter
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