2305 Bruce Zamost (Tessler edition)


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    2305 Bruce Zamost (Tessler Edition)
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  • Tags: Pinball Industry Sponsored by Eric Tessler Superstars of 2015
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    This is the version sponsored by Eric Tessler which contained incorrect information regarding the artist who created the drawing on the front of the card. The card was reprinted by Brucer Zamost with the proper attribution given to artist Barb Thornton. (See Thornton edition).

    The Tessler edition saw a run of 1,000 copies printed. These cards are held by the WDC.

    The Thornton edition saw 1,000 copies printed, but all are in the possession of Bruce Zamost.

2305 Bruce Zamost (Tessler edition) 2305 Bruce Zamost (Tessler edition)
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