0981 Raina Lee


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    0981 Raina Lee
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  • Tags: Lady Gamers Superstars of 2014 Video Game Journalist
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    This award was presented to Raina Lee at the Official Walter Day Trading Card Museum, at the amazing John Week's Museum of Pinball, in Banning, California, January 17, 2015.

    Raina Lee is a writer based in Los Angeles. She’s the publisher of 1-Up Megazine, the first hand-made zine dedicated to gaming culture and our personal experiences with technology. Published in the early 2000s, 1-Up Megazine featured interviews with luminaries such as Billy “Perfect Pac Man” Mitchell, feminist game criticism, obscure game and movie reviews, artwork from indie cartoonists, vintage game graphics, and other ephemera. 1-Up proudly reported from the fringes of the video game underground, garnering fans from Vienna to Ecuador, and was sold in fine art museums and at Colette, Paris. Raina is the author of Hit Me With Your Best Shot: The Ultimate Guide To Karaoke Domination (Chronicle Books), the first American strategy guide to karaoke mastery. She is also the curator of The Infinite Garage Project, an online project where she chronicles the history of her family through objects she found in her family’s house. The production of this trading card was made possible through a financial grant generously donated by Eric Tessler, of La Habra, California.

0981 Raina Lee 0981 Raina Lee
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