0933 - Leyla Hasso -Error Card


  • Card ID:
    0933 - Leyla Hasso - Error Card
  • First Name:
    Leyla Hasso -
  • Last Name:
    Error Card
  • Tags: British Error Card Superstars of 2014 Todd Friedman's Trading Card Spotlight
  • Other Notes:

    Card #933 should be a Superstars of 2014 card, but was initially incorrectly printed as part of the Superstars of 2013. A corrected version has been issued. Both variations are extensively circulated so neither variation is rare.

    Click on this golden button to read Todd Friedman's "Trading Card Spotlight" interview with Leyla Hasso.

0933 - Leyla Hasso -Error Card 0933 - Leyla Hasso -Error Card
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