0543 Admiral George Dewey


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    0543 Admiral George Dewey
  • First Name:
    Admiral George
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  • Tags: Admiral American Military
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    The Biographical Trading Cards set is the Walter Day Collection's most ambitious project to date. The long term goal of the Biographical Trading Card Set is to make  a series of cards that can be used by school systems to teach history.  The intial series will incoporate cards that commemorate the lives of 1,500 of history's most influential people from the past. A follow-up series of 1,500 further cards will focus on the more modern celebrities. WDC plans to eventually extend the set to encompass cards for more than 3,000 noted individuals. More than 99% of the cards have benefitted from the free-to-use graphics and images that are found online and which are in the public domain. In many cases, when a trading card is issued, there often is a public ceremony to mark the "World Premiere" of the card. For instance, card # 168 (actor John Wayne) was presented on May 26, 2017, to the Mayor of Winterset, Iowa (the Duke's birthplace), during Wayne's 110th birhday celebration. And, card #3 (ragtime pianist Scott Joplin) which was presented in Sedalia, Missouri, during the 37th Annual Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival, June 1, 2018. Currently, Walter Day is establishing alliances with teachers who would like to use the Biographical Trading Cards set as a teaching aid in the classroom.


    Phorto Credits: Public Domain

0543 Admiral George Dewey
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