0327A Kyle Goewert


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  • Tags: Donkey Kong Culture Donkey Kong Kill Screen KONG Off II Rare and Limited Edition Superstars of 2012
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    Even though this card number was issued as an "A" version, there were no further cards created under the number 327.

    The Kyle Goewert card #327A is one of the rarer cards in the Walter Day Collection.

    The world-famous Kong Off (the official Donkey Kong World Championships), created by Richie Knucklez and Billy Mitchell, authorized the Walter Day Collection to create a a limited edition series of trading cards that honored the 12 main players competing in the 2012 event at the 1-Up in Denver, Colorado.

    Only 117 copies of each card were printed. The cards received hand-written registration numbers on the lower backside of the cards. All 12 players autographed 22 copies of their own trading card. Each player received a full set of all 12 autographed trading cards. Except for a few existing cards, all the remaining cards were lost when ownership of the card series was transferred over to the Walter Day Collection in early 2014.
0327A Kyle Goewert 0327A Kyle Goewert
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