0310A Steve Wiebe - Kong Off II


  • Card ID:
    0310A Steve Wiebe - Kong Off II
  • First Name:
    Steve Wiebe
  • Last Name:
    Kong Off II
  • Tags: Donkey Kong Culture Donkey Kong Kill Screen KONG Off II Rare and Limited Edition Superstars of 2012
  • Other Notes:

    Even though this card number was issued as an "A" version, there were no further cards created under the number 310.

    Steve Wiebe card #310A is one of the rarer cards in the Walter Day Collection.

    The world-famous Kong Off (the official Donkey Kong World Championships), created by Richie Knucklez and Billy Mitchell, authorized the Walter Day Collection to create a a limited edition series of trading cards that honored the 12 main players competing in the 2012 event at the 1-Up in Denver, Colorado.

    Only 117 copies of each card were printed. The cards received hand-written registration numbers on the lower backside of the cards. All 12 players autographed 22 copies of their own trading card. Each player received a full set of all 12 autographed trading cards. Except for a few existing cards, all the remaining cards were lost when ownership of the card series was transferred over to the Walter Day Collection in early 2014.

0310A Steve Wiebe - Kong Off II 0310A Steve Wiebe - Kong Off II
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