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    0078 Catherine Asaro
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    Catherine Asaro was born in Oakland and grew up in El Cerrito, California. She has a B.S. with highest honors in chemistry from UCLA, an M.A. in physics from Harvard, and a PhD in theoretical chemical physics, also from Harvard. Her critically acclaimed work spans the genres of science fiction, fantasy and near future thrillers, with more than 25 novels and many shorter works. She is best known for her Ruby Dynasty series, about which Roland Green of Booklist says the “saga is now nearly as long and in many ways as compelling as Dune, if not more so, featuring a multitude of stronger female characters.” Her work has won numerous awards, including the Nebula for her book the Quantum Rose and her novella "The Spacetime Pool." When not writing or making appearances at conventions, Asaro directs the Chesapeake Math Program. Her nationally ranked students have placed at the top levels in numerous national and international competitions such as the USA Mathematical Olympiad, the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament, and American Regions Math League. She also performs as a vocalist at cons and other venues. This trading card was presented to Guest of Honor Catherine Asaro at Balticon 52, in Baltimore, Maryland, May 25, 2018.

0078 Catherine Asaro 0078 Catherine Asaro
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