Trading Card Spotlight Dennis Blechner

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Dennis Blechner, who is displayed on card number 991, from the   Superstars of 2014 Collection.  Dennis is an avid gamer who loves playing such games as Tetris and Bubble Bobble.    Dennis holds many records in the gaming industry in multiple genres.   He is a record holder on Grand Turismo 1 on the PlayStation 1, In Europe, Dennis captured the title on four different tracks. He also holds the singles and doubles record on Time Crisis 2. He currently is trying to break some records on the PlayStation 4 on the game Trials Fusion.

What games today do you play and what are your favorite genres of games?

Since the last 2 years I spend much time in playing Trials Fusion on the PS4 to get every track in platin and reach the Top 500. I liked this type of games. I often play also older games like Bubble Bobble or Streets of Rage. I really like at most games which are like arcade games to reach high scores.

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Trading Card Spotlight Aiden Friedman

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Aiden Friedman, who currently is displayed on card number 2820, from the Superstars of 2018 Collection.  Aiden is an up and coming gamer who is heavily involved in the gaming community and contributes his time to be a junior editor and writer of Little Player Magazine.  He also is a huge help to the Video Game Summit in Villa Park, IL, running raffles, helping setup and organize the convention.   Aiden holds a few records on the Twin Galaxies scoreboard for Wii Sports Tennis and Wii Sports Resort Ping Pong.   Aiden loves promoting gaming and doing everything he can to one day organize his very own Video Game Conference.

Are you still involved with gaming today, and what role do you play?

Yes, I am editor of Little Player Magazine, Co-Promotor of the Video Game Summit in Illinois and I am a collector of the Walter Day Trading cards. I also hold a few gaming records.

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Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight - Bud Sparhawk

Our next Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight features Bud Sparhawk, who is displayed on card number 70, from the Walter Day Science Fiction Collection.   Bud is an avid short story writer who has several books to his credit.   His new book, Distant Seas, as well as his other novels are is available on Amazon.  Bud’s short stories have appeared in Analog Fact/Fiction and other markets.  His work is available in electronic formats.  You can read Bud’s blogs on the pain of writing at    A complete bibliography can be found at   Bud has won many awards for his work and has been honored amongst his peers in the writing community.  

Did you ever think when you were younger you would be on a trading card?

The only trading cards that were around when I was a kid were baseball players and you had to buy a wad of gum to get them, so NO, I never thought I would play baseball so that route seemed closed.

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Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight - Neil Clarke

Our next Science Fiction Trading Card Spotlight Features Neil Clarke who is displayed on card number 141, from the Walter Day Science Fiction Collection.   An editor of Science Fiction and fantasy, Neil launched his own magazine in 2006 called Clarkesworld Magazine.  His team has won three Hugo awards, a World Fantasy award and a British Fantasy Award. Neil has been a Hugo award finalist himself five times.  Some of his other projects include Galactic Empires, More Human than Human and the Best Science Fiction of the Year series for Night Shade books.

How has your involvement in the writing profession been important to you?

I’ve always enjoyed working with talented and creative people and there’s no shortage of that in this field. It’s also nice to be in a position that allows me to help promote authors and works I enjoy. I’m never bored, and I feel like our work is appreciated. Can’t ask for much more than that.

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Trading Card Spotlight Paul Drury

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Paul Drury, who is displayed on card number 2771, from the Superstars of 2017.   Paul has been a writer for Retro Gamer (UK) since 2004.  He has interviewed over 150 programmers, designers and artists of games such as Nolan Bushnell, Eugene Jarvis, Warren Davis and Ralph Baer.   He also reviews games for his local paper, The Nottingham Post.   Paul has bridged the gap between the USA and Europe for Video Game culture.   Using his knowledge and talent Paul has paved the way for current writers and enthusiasts across the UK and America.     

How early in your life did you know you would be a writer?

Writing is just a lovely sideline for me – I trained to be a teacher after leaving university and have always worked with children and adults with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, teaching in various special schools and colleges and running residential homes for disabled adults. I’m now a Senior Lecturer in Special Educational Needs and Inclusion at Nottingham Trent University. Since 2002, I’ve been writing about videogames both old and new, first in the pages of my local paper the Nottingham Post and then in 2004 I started writing every month for Retro Gamer magazine… and still do both to this day.

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