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I was able to purchase an old classic book edited by Walter Day himself.   It's the Official Video Game & Pinball Book Of World Records, 1st Edition published in 1998.   This book details "The Official Scoreboard for the World of Video Game & Pinball Playing", Twin Galaxies opens its vaults and reveals who the champions of the electronic gaming world are. The only book of its kind, this volume lists thousands of games--old and new--and crowns the top ten champions of every pinball, home game, network game, computer game, and arcade game ever made. Illustrations.  This book was sold at Discover Books Website.


Some of the Records as printed by the Book of World Records in 1998.


Dig Dug          4,129,600        Ken Arthur                  Blacksburg, VA            1/20/83

Moon Patrol   1,214,600         Mark Robichek           Mountain View, CA   11/21/83

Pole Position  67,310              Les Lagier                   San Jose, CA                6/30/86

Tekken 3         3:23:60            Mathew Nelson           Wilmington, NC         4/20/97

Surf N Safari  43,982,620       Robert Chesnavich                                          2/13/93

Donkey Kong 874,300           Billy Mitchell             Ft Lauderdale, FL       7/2/85


Home Computer Game Systems (Consoles)

Atari 2600       Frogger            4,025   Matt Matthews           Raleigh , NC 

Atari 2600       Rampage         39,700 Jacob Huebert              North Lima , OH

Atari 5200       Mario Bros      93,750 James Carter                Lakeland, FL

NES                 Arkanoid       820,420 Jack Wang                  Findlay, OH

NES ExciteBike Track 1 0:49.79 Ryan McGough & Shawn Beniller  Mt Vernon,OH

NES Jordan vs. Bird               171 points       Jim Goble        Blountsville, AL

Gameboy         Tetris               743,641           Michael Schulte Fremont, CA

Commodore 64 Battlezone     21,000             James Carter    Lakeland, FL












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