Single Credit Review 001 – Rohga Armor Force – Arcade

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I have been wanting to do this for a long time now and because my Xbox arcade is now “near perfect” it’s time. Basically what I’m going to do is hit the random button on my arcade and play the game for one credit. I will then talk about my experience.

1991 Data East

Rohga Armor Force. I’ve definitely never heard of this arcade game. Right on the title screen it says it’s by Data East and released in 1991. Data East did so many awesome arcade games in the late 80s and early 90s that it’s a surprise that I’ve not heard of this one.

So the game is 2 player cooperative which is always a bonus and the music sounds amazing. Upon pressing start you get the option to select a character or construct one, which is of course what I did. You get to choose different heads, bodies and legs for your character, which is a mech.

Rohga is a scrolling mech shmup where your weapons control like the classic NES Contra! As you progress there are spots that are isometric 3D that you can move up and down on to avoid enemies which is a nice touch. The difficulty is definitely arcade as I handedly got my ass destroyed not too far into the first level. Upon continue, even though you start off exactly where you died, your score resets to zero so there won’t be any world records for the richest kids on the block. That gives this game more replayability to me as you have that challenge aspect.

- Pros -
– Customization options
– 2 player coop
– Great music
– High score aspect

- Cons -
– Higher difficulty

- Single Credit Synopsis -
Overall, I really like Rohga Armor Force and will add it to my “need to play” list. It’s a solid scrolling ground based shmup with tight controls and a killer soundtrack.


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