Trading Card Spotlight Greg Degeneffe

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Greg Degeneffe, who is displayed on card number 2647 from the Superstars of 2017 Collection.   When it comes to Atari 2600, Greg is among the best in the world.  He holds over 150 records on Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard.   Games such as Kaboom, Carnival and Stampede.   He looking to break records on M.A.M.E. games in the near future.   Greg once played the arcade Gauntlet for a 36-hour marathon, one of his proud achievements.   Greg was honored in 2017 with his very own trading card and became a new member of the Walter Day Collection.  

Do you remember your first video game / arcade you played and what do you remember about it?

My first experience with arcade games goes back to 1976.   There was a bowling alley within walking distance that I would frequent after school.  Mostly pinball machines tucked away in a small game room, but for me it was the start of the golden age of video games.  My favorite pinball machine was “Hocus Pocus”. Great memories.

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Trading Card Spotlight Ben Sweeney

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Ben Sweeney, who is displayed on card number 2638 from the Superstars of 2017 Collection.   When searching the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard, you will most likely find Ben’s name holding a world record.   Ben has over 150 world records with 50 of them being #1 scores.  Game such as Kung Fu and Kickle Cubicle for the NES.  Ben is also top spot on Final Fight for the Arcade.   He also enjoys music when he is not playing games and hopes to contribute as much as he can to eSports, the community, and break more scores while he's at it.  

Which console company is your favorite and why?  Nintendo, Sony, Sega, or Microsoft?

Nintendo is my favorite, even today. It doesn't have to do with nostalgia. It has to do with their approach to bringing gaming experiences to the world. The NES may have single-handedly saved home console gaming, while the Wii not only revolutionized how games are designed and played but also challenged the market with its price point.

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Trading Card Spotlight Cary J. Hahn

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Cary J. Hahn, who is displayed on card number 185 from the Superstars of 2011 Collection.  After working at KTVO Ottumwa, Cary became "The Iowa Traveler" feature reporter for Cedar Rapids, Iowa CBS affiliate KGAN-TV, Channel Two for 25 years from 1983 to 2008.  Cary was a part of the original Twin Galaxies Scoreboard Competitions in 1982, offering his news coverage of the event.  Cary has won awards from the Associated Press, United Press, Iowa Broadcast News Association, Northwest Broadcast News Association, the 2004 Stanley Foundation Global Connections Award, the Iowa Film Award for feature reporting and the Iowa Motion Picture Award for general reporting, and a National Archives Certificate of Appreciation from the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library-Museum.

Do you remember your first video game?

I played pong...that's how old I am (69).  Back in the mid 70's... they had Pong games in different places.  You'd put in a quarter and play.  A few years ago, I found an original Pong home game in its original box at a garage sale and bought it.  I progressed to Frogger and that's about it.

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Trading Card Spotlight Robyn Swanson

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Robyn Swanson, who is displayed on card number 119 from the Superstars of 2011 Collection.   Robyn is also displayed on card number 920.   Robyn is one of the most competitive women gamers today.   Robyn is currently a Professional Gamer and Content Creator eSports team Empire Arcadia.  In 2011 Robyn became a member of the Supercon 2k Series and helps host video game events and tournaments.   Robyn has many records on the Twin Galaxies website for games such as Just Dance and Dance Central.

Do you remember your first video game / arcade you played and what do you remember about it?

The very first video game that I remember playing was Mario Bro/Duck Hunt on the original NES, staying up late during the summertime with my mom going from castle to castle, discovering secrets, and mimicking her movements on the player two controller as she played the game. I was 4 or 5yrs old at the time when my mother Tracey Brown taught me how to play. 

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Intellivision Collection

21 Legendary Intellivision Trading Cards

Go here to see all 21 cards

The set includes:

  1. #939 - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  2. #1015 - B-17 Bomber
  3. #1038 - Las vegas Poker & Black Jack
  4. #1055 - Night Stalker
  5. #1068 Sea Battle
  6. #1077 Shark
  7. #1088 Skiing
  8. #1110 Snafu
  9. #1144 Space Armada
  10. #1154 Star Strike
  11. #1164 Utopia
  12. #1404 Lock 'N' Chase
  13. #1406 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Treasure of Tarmin
  14. #1409 BurgerTime
  15. #1412 Astrosmash
  16. #1417 Auto Racing
  17. #1435 Major League Baseball
  18. #1439 Pitfall
  19. #1445 Thunder Castle
  20. #1447 Triple Action
  21. #1454 Tron Deadly Discs

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