Intellivision Collection

21 Legendary Intellivision Trading Cards

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The set includes:

  1. #939 - Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
  2. #1015 - B-17 Bomber
  3. #1038 - Las vegas Poker & Black Jack
  4. #1055 - Night Stalker
  5. #1068 Sea Battle
  6. #1077 Shark
  7. #1088 Skiing
  8. #1110 Snafu
  9. #1144 Space Armada
  10. #1154 Star Strike
  11. #1164 Utopia
  12. #1404 Lock 'N' Chase
  13. #1406 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons - Treasure of Tarmin
  14. #1409 BurgerTime
  15. #1412 Astrosmash
  16. #1417 Auto Racing
  17. #1435 Major League Baseball
  18. #1439 Pitfall
  19. #1445 Thunder Castle
  20. #1447 Triple Action
  21. #1454 Tron Deadly Discs


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Trading Cards featured on "Settle it on the Screen"

On February 13th, 2017 The Walter Day Trading cards were featured on the Twin Galaxies podcast "Settle it on the Screen.   This was a live Facebook feed that ran for 1 hour and I was a special guest on the show to discuss the Walter Day Trading Cards.    Please click the link to view the show.     Thanks to Micahel Sroka,  Glen Updike and Mike Geney for hosting such a great show. 

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FAQs: The Official Walter Day Trading Card Museum

The Official Walter Day Trading Card Museum is the brainchild of John Weeks--the brilliant businessman who bought the unused industrial airport complex in Banning, California and turned it into the fabulous Museum of Pinball. With his personal collection of 800+ vintage coin-operated arcade machines on display, Weeks has created not only one of the world's most unique museums, but he also holds an annual Arcade Expo at the Museum that draws arcade aficionados from all around the world.

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"Autographed" Science Fiction Cards to be Accepted by Beckett


Beckett Grading Services to Accept "Autographed" Science Fiction Cards at Nebula and WorldCon Weekends

Holy Smoke! Step aside Mickey Mantle! Instead of baseball superstars getting all the attention, it's autographs of science fiction authors that are about to get "celebrity treatment!"

Starting with this May's Nebula Awards Weekend (Pittsburgh, May 18-21, 2017), autographed trading cards that feature science fiction authors will be given the same stellar treatment that has traditionally been afforded to collectible cards that feature sports stars, music icons, or idols of the film & television industries. Beckett Grading Services--the worldwide authority on authenticating and grading rare and valuable sports collectibles, like the 1952 TOPPS Mickey Mantle rookie card and the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner tobacco card--now accepts the Walter Day Collection of Science Fiction Historical Trading Cards for grading as investment-grade collectables. 

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