"Autographed" Science Fiction Cards to be Accepted by Beckett


Beckett Grading Services to Accept "Autographed" Science Fiction Cards at Nebula and WorldCon Weekends

Holy Smoke! Step aside Mickey Mantle! Instead of baseball superstars getting all the attention, it's autographs of science fiction authors that are about to get "celebrity treatment!"

Starting with this May's Nebula Awards Weekend (Pittsburgh, May 18-21, 2017), autographed trading cards that feature science fiction authors will be given the same stellar treatment that has traditionally been afforded to collectible cards that feature sports stars, music icons, or idols of the film & television industries. Beckett Grading Services--the worldwide authority on authenticating and grading rare and valuable sports collectibles, like the 1952 TOPPS Mickey Mantle rookie card and the 1909 T206 Honus Wagner tobacco card--now accepts the Walter Day Collection of Science Fiction Historical Trading Cards for grading as investment-grade collectables. 

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Welcome to The Official Walter Day Trading Card Museum


Class of 2017 to be unveiled at the Official Walter Day Trading Card Museum, March 17-19, 2017, during the Arcade Expo in Banning, California

BANNING, CALIFORNIA -- On Saturday, March 18, 2017, The Official Walter Day Trading Card Museum will present in ceremony its annual slate of "Trading Card Awards" and unveil The Class of 2017 -- the latest cards that will be added to the Museum displays. 

And, it will all happen during ARCADE EXPO 3.0

Arcade Expo 3.0 is one of the world's largest retro gaming festivals celebrating the amazing legacy of the coin-op era of electronic arcade machines. Founded by John Weeks, the event features John's personal collection of more than 800 arcade games and is considered by many to be "The World's fair" of electronic arcade gaming. To learn more, go here:  http://www.arcadeexpo.com

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Trading Card Spotlight Pete Hahn

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Pete Hahn, who is displayed on card number 1930 from the Superstars of 2014 Collection.  Pete is also featured on card 2544.   Pete, or as most know him as “GGA HAN”, is an employee of one of the largest arcades in the country - Galloping Ghost Arcade in Brookfield, IL.   Not only does Pete work at the arcade but also co-hosts a podcast with Galloping Ghost Arcade owner Doc Mack, and organizes many arcade events such as swap meets, tournaments, and new game launches. These events and game launches can be seen on Galloping Ghosts Twitch.TV channel.   Pete has many various World Records on arcade games as Contra, Super Contra, Rush 'N Attack, and Primal Rage.

What are your opinions about today’s generation of video games?  How do you compare them to older, classic games?

Today’s games, to me at least, are great on the surface but can sometimes lack substance when you play them for a while.  Generally, they look great, the animations and music are usually good, but seem to favor trial and error gameplay (games autosaving for you before a big boss battle, for example).  When comparing them to classics, they tend to not hold my interest as much unless the gameplay is really fluid and makes you feel powerful when you execute moves skillfully or stylishly, like the new generation Ninja Gaiden games, or Bayonetta.

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Trading Card Spotlight Leonard Herman

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Leonard Herman, who is displayed on card number 180, from the Superstars of 2011 and who is also featured on cards 514 and 1951. Leonard is the author of the book “Phoenix: The Fall and Rise of Videogames”. The 4th edition (retitled Phoenix IV: The History of the Videogame Industry) just published at the end of 2016 and is one of the most comprehensive video game history books available today. With nearly 830 pages of information, this book is a must for gamers everywhere. Leonard has also written articles for video game outlets such as Electronic Gaming Monthly, Supercade and GameSpot. He has also founded Rolenta Press, which has published video game books by such as authors as the late Ralph Baer, the father of the home video game console. In 2003, Leonard was awarded the Classic Gaming Expo Achievement award and has been an advisor for the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas.

Do you believe some Video Games are too violent and lead to violence in America today?

No. Videogames were always deemed as violent ever since Death Race appeared in 1976. I wouldn't be surprised if some people claimed Pong was violent because you had to 'hit' a ball. However, the violence is no worse than it is in movies. However, what makes videogames standout is that they are interactive. If anything, (but remember, I'm not a psychiatrist), people take their frustrations out on videogame enemies. I think the numbers are very, very low of people who made a transition from videogame violence to real life violence.

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Trading Card Spotlight Steve Grunberger

Happy New Year ! 

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Steve Grunberger who is displayed on card number 906, from the Superstars of 2014 Collection.   Steve, who lives in Australia, is a passionate gamer who grew up in the early 80s and lived the arcade boom as well as the fall.  His real love came when he found a game called Dragon’s Lair.  This game changed his whole life.   He has one of the largest collectors in the world of Dragon’s Lair items.   He is also a collector of arcade games and has 15 machines currently in his home.   Steve co-owns Arcade Fever International Magazine which is a free online magazine for gamers.   He also is involved in MAME events online and competes regularly.

Who is your favorite arcade game character and what makes that character special?

Dexter from Space Ace (Also Borf), Dirk from Dragon’s Lair.  I just connected with them. Space Ace is the reason I believe I now work in IT. Just that ‘future’ aspect from the game. Oh, Discs of Tron was a favorite too. So, Tron.

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