Classic Consoles Collection

21 Legendary Classic Home Consoles Trading Cards

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The set includes:

1. #1074 Atari 2600
2. #1126 Intellivision
3. #1137 Colecovision
4. #1190 Sega Saturn
5. #1264 Atari 5200
6. #1274 Vectrex
7. #1278 3DO

8. #1291 Commodore 64
9. #1332 Turbo Grafx
10. #1344 Sega Genesis
11. #1355 NES

12. #1389 N64
13. #1399 Sega Dreamcast
14. #1403 SNES
15. #1408 Atari 7800
16. #1421 GameCube
17. #1426 Game Boy
18. #1434 Fairfield Channel F
19. #1449 Magnavox Odyssey
20. #1457 Neo Geo
21. #1463 Sega Master System


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Trading Card Spotlight Aaron Laberge

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Aaron Laberge, who is displayed on card number 2642 from the Superstars of 2017 Collection.   Aaron’s trading card will be presented and featured the weekend of March 18th, 2017 in Banning, CA.   Living in Canada, Aaron has been a gamer since the Atari 2600 days.  He plays on all platforms as well as PC and arcades.  Aaron holds a few records on the Twin Galaxies scoreboard such as Death Race on the Arcade and Crossy Road on the Android tablet.   

What is your favorite singe player game and favorite multiplayer game?

My favorite game in either genre is pretty much impossible to pick. The single player game I play most often is probably Heroes of Might & Magic 3 or Mount & Blade: Warband, both of which have an absurd amount of depth and replay ability, despite being quite a few years old now. For multiplayer, it’s equally impossible, I love the Quake series and always have, same with Unreal Tournament and Battlefield, but newer games like Overwatch are also fantastic and that doesn’t even account for MMOs like Diablo etc. It’s honestly impossible to choose for me, I love tons of multiplayer games and it largely depends on what everyone decides we want to play for the time given.

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Trading Card Spotlight Kyle Goewert

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Kyle Goewert, who is displayed on card number 26 from the Superstars of 2011 Collection.   Kyle is also featured on cards 327A and 554.  Kyle is one of only a few that have competed in the Kong Off, an annual Donkey Kong arcade championship.   Kyle has achieved the kill screen as well as scoring over one million points on Donkey Kong with 1,012,800.   Kyle has the complete NES game collection of every game created in North America.  Living in Kansas City, MO, Kyle also fulfilled his dream by creating a website that sells classic video games and other vintage items.  You can visit his site at

When did you first meet Walter Day and where was it at?

I first met Walter Day at the 2010 Big Bang event in Ottumwa, Iowa.  I was in communication with him prior to the event because I was interested in bringing some of my original NES collection for the museum room at the event (which I brought).  I met Walter there along with Steve Wiebe& Billy Mitchell prior to achieving my first Donkey Kong kill screen.  I didn't realize that would later briefly achieve 4th place on the Donkey Kong arcade high score board on Twin Galaxies.

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Trading Card Spotlight Scott Sheridan

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Scott Sheridan, who is displayed on card number 2259 from the Superstars of 2015 Collection.   Scott is also featured on card number 2605.  Scott’s love for pinball started in college.   He gradually ended up collecting pinball games and repairing them, then selling them which eventually became his career.   Scott has been buying and selling games for over 40 years.  “Dr. Scott’s” Pinball store (, started in 1995, is the place to go for pinball sales and repair.   Scott’s love for pinball has spanned over many generations and he has seen the industry rise, fall and rise again.   Scott’s pinball store is located in Maumee, Ohio.  

Do you learn anything from playing pinball?

Patience and a sense of humor. Why is it that the first drop target you hit was the last target you needed on your previous ball? I believe it's my Higher Power having fun with me. Since I'm more of a tech than a player, the question can be applied to under the playfield or behind the backglass. Trying to troubleshoot a problem, sometimes it can be easy, hard or quite troublesome. The satisfaction I experience when I finally figured it out is wonderful! The really tough ones, I believe, is my Higher Power trying to teach me how to become a better tech. Then, when I discover the bug, whatever it might be, just laughing at me, I smile with gratitude as I fix it, knowing that I didn't fix it by myself.

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Trading Card Spotlight Jesse Porter

Our next Trading Card Spotlight features Jesse Porter, who is displayed on card number 2644, from the Superstars of 2017.  Jesse is a huge classic console fan.  Jesse holds over 300 Twin Galaxies world records, which one of them, Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi for the Sega Genesis Collection on the PS2 is Jesse’s biggest accomplishment.  Jesse’s collection of video games is over 1,300 and growing.   Jesse’s Walter Day Trading card will be presented in March in Banning, CA where Walter will personally present Jesse with the card and an award. 

Which company makes the best games and why?

I don’t see any company as making the “best” games. For every game, there is a person somewhere in the world that likes that game. I have learned that certain games can be loved personally no matter how many other people hate it. Every company has their place and every game has its place. But if I had to pick a favorite company, I would have to say Blue Sky and LJN. I like LJN because they have extremely hard games to beat and they are usually based on cool movies. Themes in a game and what the game is based on is a dominating factor in my group of friends. I like Blue Sky for their vibrant colors, incredible graphics, and amazing sound tracks.

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