2484 Paul Davies


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    2484 Paul Davies
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    Paul Davies is synonymous with retro game podcasting and especially for his interview work with video gaming’s greatest personalities. Paul is host of The Retro Asylum, the UK’s longest-running retro gaming podcast show and winner of ‘Best Video Game Podcast’ at the 2015 UK Podcast Awards. Paul’s love affair with video games began at an early age through the arcade high score tables of London, England and his passion for home computing from its formative years through to the current day. His commitment to classic gaming and its community has led to him devoting his efforts to keep retro gaming alive through his podcast hosting and continued support of arcade and retro events across the UK. Paul has established a role as curator of gaming history and development tales through his interview series with some of gaming’s greatest icons and personalities such as John Romero, Walter Day, The Oliver Twins, Lorne Lanning, Shahid Ahmad, Dino Dini, Kevin Toms, and many more. Paul’s role in capturing these stories and discussion about how video games were born has helped establish The Retro Asylum as the ever-growing permanent archive for future generations of gamers to listen to, learn from, and be inspired by. Paul Davies can be found online at: http://retroasylum.com. The production of this trading card was made possible through a financial grant generously donated by Eric Tessler, of La Habra, CA.
2484 Paul Davies 2484 Paul Davies
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