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Within the next couple weeks, if not sooner, the Walter Day Collection will have had printed 1,600 individual cards to date. With the dedication of Walter Day and the friendship and donations of people like Eric Tessler and other gamers, this Video Game Trading card set keeps going and is a true history of the Video game Industry. Speaking with Walter, he intends on keeping the card production as long as he can to insure more gamers, designers, world record holders, science fiction pioneers, and Fairfield historians are remembered and honored on a trading card. I am honored to be a part of this tradition and history by helping out Walter with any part of this trading card set, such as writing for the website, collecting the cards and keeping an inventory of the sets, as well as promoting the cards and website as much as I can. Thanks to all who have done the same and I am sure Walter is grateful for all the support he has received on this tremendous Trading card collection. I am looking forward to seeing and collecting the 2,000th card in the set one day. Hope to see everyone soon.


Todd Friedman
card number 48, 1298, 1428, 1495
Friday, August 19 2016, 08:37 AM
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