2647 Greg Degeneffe

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    2647 Greg Degeneffe
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  • Tags: Arcade Expo Superstars of 2017 Twin Galaxies High-Score Champions
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    Card #2647 honoring Greg Degeneffe is to be unveiled on March 18, 2017 during the ARCADE EXPO 3.0 gaming exposition at John Weeks' Museum of Pinball, in Banning, California.


    As part of the CLASS OF 2017, Greg Degeneffe will be inducted into THE OFFICIAL WALTER DAY TRADING CARD MUSEUM along with 14 other honorees. Here is the award that will be presented at that time. Any awards recipients who are not present will receive their awards through the mail after the event is over. The production of this trading card was made possible through a financial grant generously donated by an anonymous Canadian gamer who believes in the  historical importance of this trading card set.


2647 Greg Degeneffe 2647 Greg Degeneffe